Automotive student Chloe Jess' 50th anniversary contest entry

I have a passion for music above all else. I have worked my whole life to have a personality and determination in life that is worth respecting and protecting. This song is a raw, vulnerable, honest representation of who I am because of the life experiences I have had. This song is an emotional release and comfort to me. I also believe that my song will comfort people in ways that I cannot understand. This song is for me, and for my family. Above all my song 'I don't really know' is for families and people that need to hear it, and will hopefully find comfort in its honest words. Please consider me for this award as I believe that I have honoured my past and do every day, and have inspired a future that I try to live out in every moment.
Posted by Chloe Elizabeth Jess in Music on May 03 2021 at 02:14 PM  ·  Public

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